In a ruling that was just recently handed down, Bed Bath & Beyond agreed to stop rejecting job-seeking ex-cons out of hand.

Under the agreement with the New York State’s attorney general’s office, they’ve agreed to evaluate the individual ex-offender’s situation.

While some may say that it takes away the business owner’s decision to decide what’s right for his company; they’d still be able to – the only stipulation would be that they’d have to consider the circumstances under which the ex-offender was jailed.


I think it is.

Somewhat similar to New Jersey’s Opportunity to Compete Act, which has passed New Jersey’s Assembly Labor Committee by a 6-3 vote, but hasn’t gotten much further than that – Bed Bath and Beyond would still be able to ask a prospective employee about his or her criminal record, and decide based on the severity of the crime whether or not to turn down an application.

Ex-offenders, once out of jail, find it almost impossible to get back on their feet. The lure of returning to crime is ever present.

A policy such as this would stem the tide of recidivism - and still give the employer the right of first refusal to turn down an applicant should the crime committed be of such a serious nature that it would be "not be a good fit!"

If you have a conviction on your record, how difficult was it for you to finally get a job?

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