There are grocery store employees and then there’s Leticia White. reports she has been with the ShopRite in Paramus for over 20 years. An always cheerful presence in the store, she recently lost her role hosting product demonstrations because the coronavirus outbreak meant they couldn’t do those anymore.

Instead she started serving as a greeter and her naturally ebullient personality makes her perfect for the job. But they just might lose her to a record label.

Recently White entertained customers while reminding me them to remain six feet apart. She took the old song "Don’t Stand So Close To Me" by The Police and did a bit of a rewrite.

The finished product went up on the Paramus ShopRite’s Facebook page.

“I’m trying to lift everybody up,” she told Nice job Leticia, but is that the right bell for this performance? I’m thinking it needs more cowbell!

Who did it better? Here’s the original so you can decide.

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