We have a very special #BlueFriday honoree this week. Not only did this honoree become a very special part of the Morris County Sheriff's Office, but he also found his forever home.

Sheriff Corporal Mike McMahon was at the Parsippany Animal Shelter looking for a bearded dragon for his son when came across a 8-month old German Shepherd/ Lab mix, at the time, known as "Becker." McMahon noticed that the dog had some ability and decided to bring it to the attention of his boss. They put the dog through a series of tests and noticed he had a high amount of drive.

The dog found his forever home with the K9 unit and has been renamed "Boomer." "A dog like this could cost taxpayers between $6-10,000," Sheriff Jim Gannon told us. If the dog was completely trained for the unit, it could be in upwards of almost $30,000. In this case, Boomer cost the town nothing.

You can listen to the full story about how our #blueFriday honoree, "Boomer," joined the K9 unit in Morris County in the YouTube clip above.


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