If you think there aren't NJ politicians out there willing to stand up and fight against the proposed 23-cents-per-gallon gas tax hike, you're wrong. As I mentioned, there are legislators willing to fight for you, such as Michael Doherty and Senator Jennifer Beck. I had another legislator on that was willing to fight back against the gas tax bill.

Senator Ray Lesniak joined me today to voice his displeasure with the latest deal being proposed in Trenton. I know Trenton has been bad at times, but this is absolutely insanity. I've never seen anything this bad," Lesniak emphatically stated.

Lesniak believes that TTF does need to be funded and that the roads and bridges are indeed need of repair. The gas tax hike, as written now, is the wrong way to go about it.

According to Senator Lesniak, here are the changes needed to make this plan work.

1. No tax cut for the wealthiest NJ residents.

2. Reforms to cut costs of construction and to include citizen oversight of spending of government agencies like the Port Authority and NJTransit.

3. Phase in gas tax increases over three years so motorists aren't hit with sticker shock and reforms to cut costs and include citizen oversight are enacted.


Do you think Lesniak's plan would work better than the current version?

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