A secretary for a fire district in Franklin Township is claiming that she is being harassed and receiving death threats after reporting that the fire commissioner had been allegedly watching child pornography in the office, according to a lawsuit filed in NJ's Supreme Court.   

According to an article, Deborah Nelson, the secretary in question, says that she was retaliated against for making alleged allegations against the former fire Commissioner Robert R. Scheer Jr., that he was viewing child pornography at work.

The lawsuit states that at one point, Douglas Walp. who at the time was serving as a member of the Millstone Valley Fire Department, threatened to burn down the office where Nelson was a secretary.

This is reportedly the second lawsuit that Nelson has brought against Scheer. The first was filed in 2009 and was settled via an agreement that was finalized in August 2011.

The latest lawsuit alleges that beginning in 2003, Nelson repeatedly complained to other commissioners that Scheer was viewing and printing out pornography in the office but no action was taken to prohibit Scheer from doing so.

Then in late 2007, Nelson reportedly found what was child pornography on the shared printer in the office and then reported it again to the other commissioners, according to the complaint. According to the lawsuit, commissioners later reported to Nelson that sheer had masturbated on a conference room table in the office and posted pictures of his semen.

Scheer resigned in 2008 but continued to associate with district officials as a Millstone Valley member. In the same year, Scheer apparently portrayed Santa Claus for young children, according to the complaint.

Before and after the settlements were reached Nelson claims she was harassed by certain commissioners and fire company members who were friendly with Scheer. Then in 2012, according to the complaint,  Nelson reported to Franklin police that Walp had allegedly made death threats against her.

According to a report, after reviewing the charges with the Somerset Prosecutor's Office, no charges were filed against Walp.

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