There's real concern about the continuing decline in honey bee colonies.

Flickr User KNOW MALTA by Peter Grima

The U.S. Department of Agriculture and Environmental Protection Agency are on the same page in a new report about this.

This is not just about jars of honey. Honey bees are also responsible for pollinating a third of our crops, $20 to $30 billion worth of the feed we all consume, says Acting EPA Administrator Bob Perciasepe.

He says the bee colony decline is pinned on multiple factors.

"Poor nutrition, habitat and forage for bees, parasites, pathogens, genetic diversity, exposure to pesticides."

Something called the, "Colony Collapse Steering Committee" was created in 2006 to investigate this continuing and troubling trend.

They will look at the report's recommendations over the next five to 10 years as they seek to reverse the honeybees' decline. The Committee also hopes to coordinate federal strategy in response to honey bee losses.