Update as of 12:35pm - the project has been postponed since we published this, but feel free to take our poll anyway!


So we already know that traffic is bad in New Jersey...now the DOT will be closing the exit to route one from Route 95/295 for "approximately eight weeks." I have a couple questions: First...why in the middle of winter?

One caller this morning suggested that it was due to the exposed re-bars on the ramp. OK, but they didn't know about this over the summer? And why nearly no notice to commuters?

The government and their shills have been telling us for more than a year that we had roads in bridges facing imminent collapse. Is this one of them? Who knows. New Jersey government lacks transparency and accountability.

So based on that, I bet Eric Scott that there is no way the ramp will be closed for only eight weeks. I set the over/under bet at 10 weeks, Saturday March 18. And I bet the over.

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