Some guys have all the luck. In fact there’s a guy in New York who looks so much like Rod Stewart that he’s been posing with fans, crashing parties and was spotted outside a Bronx school yard. 

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

There is one Rod lookalike who’s picture as snapped by an Instagram who not wearing the accusations well.


Paul Anton, 62, a divorced dad of three who lives in Midtown West, confirmed to the New York Post’s Page Six that he is the man in the picture — but denies he’s posing as the “Do You Think I’m Sexy” star.


Anton, who insists he’s hardly a rock star and works in real estate, told Page Six, “I have never pretended to be Rod Stewart. I am a respected businessman with children, I have never asked for free drinks. I pay my own way. People do mistake me for Rod, but I always say I’m not him. I would like to shake Rod’s hand and say I am not an impostor. I love his music, but I wouldn’t pretend to be him. And I’ve never been to the Rockaways.”


Do you look like anyone famous? Have you ever made it work for you?