New Jersey 101.5 continues to offer notices of School Closings and Delays on and the free New Jersey 101.5 app. App users additionally get notified automatically when several districts through the state are closing or making other schedule changes.

Listings are published on 10 Townsquare Media New Jersey radio stations' sites.

New Jersey 101.5 encourages schools to make use of this resource to notify their communities as they grapple with schedule changes related to the novel coronavirus pandemic as well.

Sign up below and you'll be contacted to verify your information and be given access to our easy-to-use  reporting system, at (formerly known as StormWatch and Winter Weather Alert).


Here's a Q&A on how your school or organization can participate. You can also watch our how-to video, right here.

Q. We're previous users of Do we need to do anything different this year?

A. It's the same system — just a new name. If you're a registered user, an email will be sent just before the school year to the primary address on record. It should include complete instructions and a reminder of your password. Please make sure your email box will accept email from and

Q. What if we don't receive an email?

A. Check your email account's junk mail or spam folder. If you don't find an email from us there, phone Dan Alexander at 609-359-5358.

Q. We haven't been registered. How do we sign up now?

A. Use the form above and we will contact you directly.

Q. Does it cost anything to participate?

A. No. This is a free service designed for use by all New Jersey public and private schools, day cares, houses of worship, government agencies, and any organization with a need to alert people about weather-related closings, cancellations or delays.

Q. We are registered but have had a change in personnel. How do we make sure the new person will be able to submit our cancellations and delays to the Winter Weather Alert?

A. Phone Dan Alexander at 609-359-5358. He will look up your organization's registration information and help you update it, including assigning a new password.

Q. Will our old password still work this year?

A. Yes. The password you used last year is still in our system.

Q. After we receive our log-in instructions and password, will we be able to send a test report?

A. Yes. Log into your account and select OTHER and then TEST REPORT under "special statuses." You'll see that it's working at Phone Dan Alexander at 609-359-5358 or email him at if you run into problems. 

Q. What if we report a delayed opening and then decide to close for the day? Will we be able to update our report?

A. Yes, you will be able to log in again to make that change to your status.

Q. How do we arrange for each of our individual schools, offices or locations to have their respective cancellations, closings and delays listed?

A. They must each be registered separately so that information specific to them can always be listed on our site.

Q. Can cancellations and delays be phoned into the system?

A. No — this is an online-only program. 

Q. What if there’s no power or I lose my internet connection?

A. You'll be able to via mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets. But it's also a good idea for the primary contact to share their account information with another trusted person within the organization as a backup.

Q. How will your station's website users find our cancellations and delays?A. The homepage of will prominently display where to all locate our closings whenever there are several in the state. Users will also be notified through the New Jersey 101.5 app.

Q. Are the closings read on the air by New Jersey 101.5 FM?

A. No, the list is often too long to read in its entirety. Putting in online allows people to conveniently check it at any time, using computers, smartphones or tablets.


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