TRENTION — More New Jersey high school graduates leave the state for their freshman year of college than stay home.

According to a report by the Chronicle of Higher Education,  in 2014 New Jersey was among the states with the most freshmen who leave home, with 31,783 opting to go to other states. Most went to schools in Pennsylvania (Penn State), New York (New York University) and Massachusetts (Boston University). Penn State was the most popular choice for freshmen headed out of state, with nearly 900 first-year students from New Jersey heading to the school.

Just 25,260 freshman remained in-state and went to schools including Rutgers in New Brunswick, Montclair, Rowan, Kean or The College of New Jersey.

"It’s already known that more than a third of freshmen stay within 50 miles of home, but what the interactive map clearly shows is that even those who stray beyond tend to stay in the region," according to the report.

New Jersey freshmen were consistent in their exodus from the state over the years. The report shows that in 2004, 27,608 students left the state and 20,410 stayed within the Garden State.

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