New Jersey's leading anti-red light camera crusader has launched an online petition that calls for state officials to do away with the red light camera pilot program.

Red Light Camera (Flickr User Intel Free Press)

"Signing the petition will make a difference, it's a way for people to say to their government we realize that this is a scam. You are trying to steal our money under the auspices of caring about our safety.  We know it's a bunch of baloney and we want you to stop," said Assemblyman Declan O'Scanlon.

He said while there is no specific target number for the petition campaign, "if we can get a few thousand people that sends a message, if we could get over 10 thousand people that would be a grand slam, if we got a million people that would really shock folks."

O'Scanlon is asking people that support the petition to spread the word. "It definitely is going to help us send a message - you're doing something concrete against these devices. Certainly the Governor will be aware of it, the legislators in each of the districts where people are signing will be aware of it."

He said probably upwards of 80 percent of people being ticketed by red light cameras aren't doing anything that would harm anyone else, and around 60 percent of ticketed drivers are innocent under the law.

"We know yellow light times are not correct, we've proven that, and if they're not correct, you're essentially entrapping people, innocent people, into breaking the law, and that's not right," he said.

He said the red light camera system is bad government because it's designed to entrap people so it can steal their money.