One of the famous quotes from President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” I’m asking what has your college done for you and what did you have to do to get through college?

College attendance is taking a hit in New Jersey to the point where they are actually resorting to third party partnerships and direct marketing to raise attendance. We keep hearing about how you need a college education to succeed. Does that really hold true anymore?

Your college education would work out much better if your degree is in a field where there are actually jobs available. It may seem like a simple concept but you’d be surprised how many people get degrees based on what they want rather than what they need. Unless you have a serious passion for a certain field, getting a college degree just for the sake of having one will probably land you in a group of workers looking for the $15 an hour raise or you may find yourself concerned about the new no tipping policy that’s picking up steam in the food service industry.

It would also be helpful if college advisors weeded out those who really could succeed in their chosen field as opposed to those who are simply wasting their money while acquiring massive amounts of student loan debt.

When my 9-year-old boys are old enough to make a decision about attending college, I’ll support them in anything they want to do, even if they don’t want to go. The one suggestion I am going to make is that I’m going to suggest that they hedge their bet by also spending a year or two learning a trade, if for no other reason than to be able to afford that student loan if they do decide to attend college.

What has your college career done for you? Comment below.

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