The coronavirus pandemic has derailed so many parts of our lives — our jobs, our economy, our schools and more. 

As our country works to rebuild, know you are not alone. PSE&G has seen the number of customers seriously behind on their bills double since the pandemic began. 

With New Jersey's utility shut-off grace period extended to Dec. 31, they want to connect those customers with programs that can help them catch up on their bills. Eligibility guidelines have been expanded, so if you haven't qualified for assistance in the past, take a look again to see if you do now. Funding for some programs is limited, so the sooner you start the process, the better. 

PSE&G Offers Support and Flexibility 

PSE&G is now offering more flexible payment options and new deferred payment arrangements, or DPAs. You can make a DPA with no money down regardless of past payment history and choose to pay off your balance over 12, 18 or 24 months (longer payoff periods than PSE&G offered before.)  To get started, log in to My Account or call 800-357-2262. 


Low Income Programs: 

There are two great programs for those who meet low-income requirements based on the most recent month's income prior to your application: 

1) Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) or 800-510-3102 

  • PSE&G heading customers typically receive an average of $300 toward their PSE&G bill. 
  • LIHEAP accepts applications from October 1 through June 30. 
  • Monthly gross income less than $4,367 for a family of four 

2) Universal Service Fund (USF) or 800-510-3102 

  • PSE&G customers can receive from $5 - $150 per month toward their PSE&G bill. 
  • If you apply for LIHEAP you are also applying for USF. 
  • USF accepts applications year round. 
  • Monthly gross income less than $4,039 for a family of four 

Moderate Income Programs: 

There are two programs that can help moderate income residents. Their eligibility rules differ a bit, so read closely to see if you qualify. 

1) Payment Assistance Gas and Electric (PAGE) or 855-465-8783 

  • Low and moderate income customers may get financial assistance toward their past due electric or gas bill or disconnected for non-payment. Your balance must be at least $100. 
  • Annual household income eligibility ranges from $64,000 up to $174,000, depending on household size. 
  • PAGE applications are available all year. 
  • Customers are eligible for PAGE after applying and completing their LIHEAP/USF application if they are a low income households. 

2) NJ SHARES (NJS) or 866-NJSHARES (657-4273) 

  • PSE&G customers can receive up to $700 for electric; customers can receive up to $700 for gas, depending on the balance owed on their PSE&G bill. 
  • Monthly gross income less than $8,833, family of four (must be higher than LIHEAP or USF limits) 
  • NJS accepts applications year round. 

Senior/Disabled Adult Programs: 

New Jersey Lifeline or 800-792-9745 

  • Seniors who are at least 65 years old and disabled adults who are at least 18 years old and receiving Social Security Disability Title II can apply to receive $225 yearly credit. Customer’s annual gross income (not the household income) must be less than $28,769 if single or less than $35,270 if married. 
  • NJ Lifeline accepts applications year round. 

For additional resources, see NJ 2-1-1 Utility Assistance or call 800-510-3102. 

PSE&G never wants to have to shut off a customer's electric or gas, so if you're working to get caught up on your bills, reach out to PSE&G and these other programs now. It's an important step to putting the coronavirus pandemic behind us. 

*These programs are available to qualifying customers. PSE&G does not administer these programs.