Residents, insurance companies settling Sandy-related insurance claims in New Jersey are making progress according to New Jersey officials.

Tim Larsen, Governor's Office

Residents hit hard by Sandy had been complaining about the slow pace of insurance adjusters and companies.

New Jersey State Department of Banking and Insurance Commissioner Ken Kobylowski said, "What we are doing, and what we have been doing since right after the storm hit is, we are working with out consumers."

Kobylowski said they have put a big dent in settling claims. Of the more than 485,000 storm related claims that have been filed, just over 300,000 have now been settled for home, auto, commercial and flood damage. More than 70 percent so far.

Officials with Banking and Insurance, including Kobylowski, made a joint appearance in hard-hit Union Beach last week to help resolve the problems of residents.

Kobylowski said part of the problem has been flood claims have been dragging while Congress made up its mind about more funding.

He says residents who have a problem should call his Department at 609-292-7272.