Princeton Township's Board of Health has voted to ban outdoor smoking on town property.

Princeton Municipal Building (WPVI TV)

The ban, wihich will go into effect next month, will prohibit lighting up within 3 5 feet of all municipally owned property, public parks and outdoor pools according to WPVI TV.

Over 160 towns throughout New Jersey have similar ban according to  WPVI TV.

Local health inspectors and Princeton police would be in charge of issuing tickets and enforcing the ban. Violators will be fined $250; the American Cancer Society will be footing the bill for sign to be posted about the ban.

Councilwoman Heather Howard (D), a former state health commissioner, is pushing the ban. "You shouldn't have to be subject to secondhand smoke. There's increasing research about the dangers of secondhand smoke especially on young kids. So the idea of making our parks and public areas smoke free is a really important step we can take to promote public health," Howard told WPVI.