PJ Windle is a survivor. He owns a wedding entertainment business but with most weddings put on hold into next year due to the COVID-19 restrictions he needed to figure out something else. He’s come up with a winner.

Back To The Movies Drive-Ins is a new business he’s putting together that should go over huge in New Jersey. He’s working with several mayors to be sure it would meet social distancing and all other guidelines. Food would be ordered via phone and delivered to your car. He says he’ll start out with classic movies like Jaws and is looking into getting licensing for new films.

During a new normal this is a safe way to get out and watch a movie. According to an article by Erin Vogt, Windle says his own town of Jackson is planning on holding one and many other towns are interested. He plans on charging about $20 per car and tickets could be purchased in advance through a website.

Even in normal times don’t most people who experienced them as little kids miss the drive-ins that once dominated New Jersey? I do. I didn’t even mind the tinny sound of the speaker dad hung on his window before they figured out how to put it through an fm stereo channel on your car’s radio. We used to go to the Amboys Drive-In in Sayreville a lot. I bet Jon Bon Jovi was in another car just once when I was there! I was still just a kid when it went away but I still remember how fun it was.

The idea of pop-up drive-in movies is exciting. This needs to happen. It’s the sort of thing people would go to just for the novelty or nostalgia of it even outside of the times in which we’re living. But with all this going on this idea is pure gold. I say it can’t happen soon enough. Think of someone special to take and make plans to attend. I know I will be.

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