I’ll sum it up for you in as few words as possible.

It all doesn’t matter!

They just don’t want you there…plain and simple!

I get the feeling that shore towns, or at least some shore towns, do all they can to discourage you from visiting the shore.

Keep the Bennies out…let the riff raff go elsewhere…we don’t need your money!

Or at least, that's the message I take out of it!

The latest installment in the drama between the bar owners in Pt. Pleasant Beach and town officials is a compromise the town is willing to make to the bars to say open an extra hour…till 1 AM.

"I'd like to be able to tell you this is all resolved, but it's not," said Edward McGlynn, an attorney for the boardwalk bars. "We have not made a decision yet."

McGlynn said he planned to speak on Wednesday with the director of the state Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control, the state liquor regulators who the bar owners have asked to quash the midnight bar closing law. The attorney said the division director indicated he would rule on the case by Friday.

But Mayor Vincent Barrella said the liquor board had asked both sides to try to work out a compromise. That, he said, is exactly what Point Pleasant Beach offered.

"Is 1 o'clock better than 2? Absolutely," he said. "Is midnight better than 1 o'clock. Absolutely."

Barrella said if the bars go along with the 1 a.m. plan, "I think it could work."

So let’s see if I’m understanding all this.

Barrella wanted the bars to close at midnight or pony up extra cash to stay open till 2. The bars, in return, offered about 800 grand. Council said no. Bars then said, in words to this effect, “…go scratch!”

So now Barrella and the town council say, in words to this effect, “…you could play, but only till one!”

No mention of cash.

Hmmmm! Crank up the WuTan Clan! (Cash Rules Everything Around Me...CREAM get the monies...Dollar Dollar Bill, y'all!)

Were I a bar owner there, I’d be looking for somewhere else to do business.

Midnight…one AM…it’s all the same to me.

How about you?