TOMS RIVER — A pit bull was euthanized after it attacked two children in their driveway  in Ocean County, authorities say.

Toms River Assistant Township Attorney Anthony Merlino said the dog came charging across the street after being let out of it house and attacked a 4-year-old boy and his 5-year-old brother and they got into a car in their driveway.

"Injury is a very generous way to describe it. I would describe (the boys) as being mauled,"  Toms River Assistant Township Attorney Anthony Merlino said of the attack in the East Dover section of the township. Merlino said a the 4-year-old boy needed 35 stitches for multiple bites mostly in  face and neck after the dog pinned the child to the ground last Thursday according to Merlino .

"What we can ascertain from the reports is that the dog attacked the children first.. The mother tried to fend it off, she got bit (in the arm) and evetually a nearby neightbor who heard the commotion fended off the dog with a hammer," Merlino said.

The owner of the dog, Angelique Andersen, had raised the 3-year-old dog but never had it neutered, which Merlino said makes it "doubly aggressive," according to the report. Merlino said Andersen had recently moved to the home. "I would imagine the dog was unfamiliar to the neighborhood and the neighborhood was unfamiliar to the dog."

Andersen turned the dog over to animal control and agreed to have it euthanized. The dog was properly vaccinated but not registered with the township.

Merlino said the children and mother have been released from the hospital and have retained an attorney. The case is still under investigation but Andersen could be facing a civil liability

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