With so many people still out of work here in NJ, it's not a shock to hear that a lot of resumé editing has been in the works lately.

Since every company wants something different, it's not common for people to cater their skills listed on their resumés to the specific job duties on the listing. In today's climate, it's not lost on people that one company or another may have certain biases that, depending on the details of his or her resumé, might deter the hiring manager from calling for an interview. The biases may not be a reflection of the company at all, rather the person in charge of the hiring process.

New Jersey job seekers know this feeling all too well these days given the current state of the country. Zippia recently conducted research to find the weirdest keywords that are found on resumés from each state.

In New Jersey, "Trump" was the weirdest mention they could find.

Why is Trump even mentioned? Well, according to Zippia, people who have previously worked at Trump-affiliated properties are afraid their time at those locations might offend potential employers. Therefore, they feel the need to explain themselves on their resumés or cover letters.

Almost everybody in South Jersey has been affiliated with a casino at some point or another, correct? Even if it wasn't a Trump casino, is it too close for comfort for some hiring managers given the state of things? Hate to say it, but probably.

It may be a wild concept to grasp, but since we're living in a society where we're judged by mere association rather than as individuals, the sad truth is that it's not too far-fetched to think about someone being skipped over for a job simply because of their former employer's affiliations.

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