NORTH PLAINFIELD — Police said the driver of a vehicle stopped for speeding drove away with a police officer still partially inside the vehicle — after the officer tried to arrest a passenger who'd threatened him.

North Plainfield police say both driver Alasia Holder, 22 of Piscataway and passenger Angel Dulaney, 23, of Hillside were "agitated" when their vehicle was pulled over for speeding Friday night.

"As a result, the officer conducting the stop called for back-up officers to respond to the scene," police wrote in a press release. They didn't explain what they meant by "agitated" or say what the two occupants of the car had done up to that point.

But at one point during the stop, Dulaney told the officer, "I’m willing to fight. A gun and a badge don’t scare me. My hands work nice," police said.

At that point, the officer told Dulaney he was under arrest and opened the passenger-side door trying to remove Dulaney from the vehicle, police said.

Dulaney resisted, and Holder sped away with the arresting officer still partially inside her vehicle, police said.

Holder then crashed the vehicle into the front yard of a nearby residence, police said.

The arresting officer, whose name was not released, was transported to a nearby hospital with head and arm injuries and was subsequently released, police said.

Holder and Dulaney did not sustain any injuries during the encounter, police said.

Holder and Dulaney were both charged with several assault, hindering and resisting offenses. Both were taken to Somerset County Jail pending a detention hearing, police said.

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