About a hundred protesters gathered in front of the State House for a rally on jobs.

Organizers and supporters said the demonstration was part of Occupy Wall Street's National Day of Action.

Braving the rain and wind, some carrying signs that read "Tax Wall Street" and "Save the American dream", others waving American flags, several speakers took to the podium to declare "an economic emergency."

Carol Gay, president of the New Jersey State Industrial Union Council, said the time to act is now, "We have 26 million people in need of jobs, 47 million people in poverty, 50 million without health care today" she said to an enthusiastic crowd of cheers.

New Jersey residents from across the state gathered at the steps to make their voices heard. Among them was Tom Friedman from Lawrenceville. "The message is that there is tremendous economic disparity, people are without work, have no healthcare, its time for a change."

Struggling to pay her children's college tuition, one woman said she traveled from Edison to be there. "We need a level playing field, they are coming out of school with enormous debt and I have no idea how we are going to pay for it."

But Friedman acknowledges that there won't be change overnight. "This is just the beginning and the first step, but I think with time, eventually, hopefully it will work."