A new ParenteBeard-New Jersey Chamber of Commerce Business Climate Survey reveals that Garden State business leaders don't want another Super Bowl in East Rutherford.

An Aerial View Of Super Bowl XLVIII
Super Bowl XLVIII in East Rutherford, NJ (John Moore, Getty Images)

Prior to February's tilt at MetLife Stadium, many believed that having the NFL's championship game in the Meadowlands would boost the state's economy and improve its reputation. Now, however, those in the business world say they didn't think the big game did much for New Jersey.

Fifty-five percent of the survey respondents do not want New Jersey to even pursue the possibility of hosting another Super Bowl. Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Tom Bracken thinks hosting the game was positive for the state, but understands the reasons why other business bosses would disagree.

"The Super Bowl probably impacted businesses in maybe a certain portion of New Jersey, but not the entire state," Bracken said. "People thought that the benefit possibly was not as great as the negativism that came out of it so, why do that again?"

The game actually came off without a hitch, according to Bracken. Problems started afterward, when thousands of fans were stranded for hours because New Jersey Transit was overwhelmed by -- and under-prepared for -- the commuter demand. Bracken said unfortunately, that's what most people remember about the New Jersey Super Bowl.

"It's a typical New Jersey phenomenon, where something good is done but it ends up being criticized," Bracken said. "Why would we want to flog ourselves again and try to do something good, and only get criticized for it?"

In the survey, just 37 percent said the Super Bowl had a positive effect on the state's reputation, while 20 percent thought it was negative.

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