It's not good for democracy, and it's not good for civic engagement in New Jersey.

New Jersey 101.5's Eric Scott wrote last month about how voter turnout has cratered in New Jersey — voter turnout in a gubernatorial election hasn't been above 50% since the 1990s. It's not that no one's looking for a change or excited about new ideas — but it seems more and more, fewer and fewer people believe their vote matters.

Jim Gearhart invited Eric on to discuss how that's come about in this week's edition of the Jim Gearhart Show, live on Facebook every Thursday at 10:30 a.m., and available here as a podcast every week. But you, in our chat, had plenty of suggestions of your own:

Lee Reagan: No one votes anymore because it seems like no matter who you vote for you get sold down the river. ... It happens every time ... same spiel decade after decade.

Andrew Thompson: I vote in every Nov. 6 election. The primaries are rarely competitive and often imes do not even have a second candidate running. NJ voters love single party rule, no matter how bad this state gets. Look at the legislature.

Mike Duffy:·If NJ used a 21st century type of voting, there would be a much higher percentage of voting. Vote by mail is wonderful. You sit at home. Do your research. Check your choices and mail in by the set deadline.

Carolyn LaBletta Virelli: That's because NJ voters have no choice. It’s a blue state and always will be, but it’s so puzzling that no one you speak to voted for Phil Murphy! Hmmmmm ... makes one think about voter credibility in NJ!

Dave Szabo: It's the 65% of voters that did not vote at all that elected Murphy.

Tom Kelly: I vote in every election. But it doesn't make a difference. Camden, Trenton, Elizabeth, Newark — the big city minority voters put in a bunch of Dem crooks and have been doing so for the last 35 years. And that is why the state has been controlled by crooks for decades.

Connie Bongiovanni: Yes, will always vote. Many died for my right to vote even though none of my candidates win in NJ

Loretta Casselli: As a voter in my 50s, it’s been very frustrating that no matter how I voted, the same type of people get in. Not to mention all the corruption that goes on on both sides! That is why people have just about lost faith in the system. This anything-goes society is really bad!


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