On Monday's show we talked about stimulus checks and how people would be using them. Questions arose from listeners first about whether undocumented immigrants would be receiving these checks from the federal government, then about welfare recipients.

What I can tell you is not only will illegal immigrants not be receiving these checks, even the undocumented who are paying federal taxes with a taxpayer ID number will not be getting them. Furthermore, if one is in the country illegally but they have a spouse who is legal and children who are citizens, they will not only still not qualify for the stimulus check they will also not qualify for the $500 per child.

So if you were concerned about unfairness, that depends on your point of view but it’s not happening. My personal point of view is only citizens should be receiving them.

Welfare recipients? Yes. SSI recipients will indeed qualify and receive the stimulus checks. From KHOU.com,

“Are individuals with little to no income or those on means-tested federal benefits, such as SSI, eligible for a recovery rebate? Yes, there is no qualifying income requirement. Even individuals with $0 of income are eligible for a rebate so long as they are not the dependent of another taxpayer and have a work-eligible SSN.”

So there you have it. If you’re a citizen even on assistance, you receive a stimulus check as long as you earn under certain amounts.

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