If you're a teacher then you gotta listen up.  Tired of your hard earned money going to candidates and political causes that you don't support?  Did you know you can opt out of the political portion of your union dues?

We're not a Right-To-Work state so I can't help you with the mandatory union dues, but you can exercise at least some control over your financial future, keep more of your income for you and your family and spend your money on causes and candidates that you support.

Thanks to the efforts of Erica Jedynak from Americans for Prosperity for bringing a simple solution to light.  Americans for Prosperity have launched the "Know Your Rights" Initiative in tune with National Employee Freedom Week. Click on the links here to find out how to opt out and keep your money from being spent on wasteful political causes that don't help you secure your future and may be in conflict with your own principles and morals.

Watch the interview I conducted with Erica in the YouTube clip above.

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