The Facebook web page that had been posting fistfights that took place at Bridgewater-Raritan high school now has more than 2,600 "likes" but the videos have been removed.

The unidentified creator of the page wrote, "To all my haters I didn't get caught and stay off my page if you don't like it. Posting threats and making fun of me makes you just as bad as the bullies that push kids into committing suicide."

Comments both positive and negative remain on the page.

As of Thursday morning, the BRHS Facebook page is still active but all the videos have been removed without explanation.

Why is the page so popular?

"Kids have always done stupid things, and this might just be another manifestation of it. Whether these fights were real or staged or not, when you put it up on Facebook, you get attention for it, you get recognition for it," says child psychologist Dr. Steven Tobias.

He says it's not surprising the "BRHS Fights" site is attracting more and more attention, when you consider all of the violent video games movies and television shows that are everywhere because the teens are simply reproducing the violence they're seeing.

"The more recognition you get for this, I think the more kids are going to do it, rather than really thinking about what they're doing, the implications of it," Tobias explained. "What's being lost here really is a sense of values, and what's appropriate and what's good and what's not good."

He says teens want a sense of belonging, and they're trying to catch the attention of their peers, so unfortunately, social media tools like Facebook give them a wider audience.

"The adults in the community are the ones who have to put limits on the kids," he says. "They should discourage this kind of behavior because kids don't always know what's good for them - this certainly is not."