The race is on to find Sparklers in NJ, in time for July 4th!  A newly signed law makes the hand-held and ground-based varieties of sparklers legal.

Party poppers and snappers (non-exploding novelty items) also now can be bought legally in Jersey, by those 16 and older. (Aerial fireworks are still illegal for the average consumer, leave 'em to the pros, guys!)  SO, is there any store that managed to secure some boxes in time for 4th festivities here in the Garden State?

Sparklers already are legal in PA and parts of NY (outside New York City). Stores that typically carry them there include CVS, Walgreens, Stop and Shop, Shop Rite, Walmart or Home Depot.

According to Fox Business News, Target and Walmart locations in New Jersey both anticipated having sparklers in stock this weekend. BJ’s Wholesale, though, said its New Jersey stores won’t have fireworks before the Fourth of July.

But if it seems the stores couldn't muster any supply in time for the July 4th weekend, there's still options if you can take the trek into Pennsylvania. Keep in mind, there's a whole lot there that's still way illegal to bring back across the bridge!!

There's a fireworks superstore riiiighhht across the Delaware River in PA. Sky King in Morrisville is less than two miles from the State House in Trenton. There's also Intergalactic Fireworks in Langhorne (near Sesame Place) and Elegant Sparklers in Levittown.

If you're headed further northwest for the holiday, there's quite a cluster in Easton, PA. A Sky King of Easton, Phantom Fireworks of Easton, TNT Fireworks Supercenter and Spirit of 76. Both are not far off Route 78 (once you pass through Alpha and into Pennsylvania).

Phantom Fireworks of Delaware Watergap is easy to get to from Route 80. There's also Fireworks Outlet with a couple of spots.

For south Jersey customers, Phantom Fireworks of Upland is west of Gloucester County.

Have you been able to snag some sparklers without driving out of NJ? Let us know about your score. Just tweet me @ProudJersey and at @NJ1015!

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