This week's #BlueFriday honoree was a very special story about officers, helping one of their own in need. It's an absolutely amazing story.

We were joined by Mike Gallagher, the VP of PBA 105, who during the Police Unity Tour, collapsed from his bike. He was brought back to life by 2 fellow NJ officers and a NJ State Trooper. I frequently say how NJ police officers and troopers never really leave their job. Their always "on." This statement proved true when they banded together to save the life of Mike Gallagher.

Here's an excerpt from Mike's email to us, alerting us of what had happened:

On May 9th I was riding in the Police Unity Tour for chapter 2.

I was dedicating my ride to Senior Corrections officer Semmons (NJDOC) Officer Semmons died in the line of duty from a heart attack on July 1st 2016. On the morning of May 9th, about 30 miles into the tour, I myself suffered a massive heart attack and died.  (The irony of me riding in honor of a fellow brother who died in the line of duty from a heart attack and then the same exact thing happened to me is shivering to say the least. )

I collapsed off of my bike. From what I was told I was dead before I hit the ground.

This happened in front of my girlfriend ( and many other police officers) who was also riding in the tour. Her name is Kristy Savage, she is a Officer with the Gloucester county sheriffs department.

I was riding with about 150 officers.

Two officers from Monroe Township ( Gloucester County) Officers Mike Gabinelli and Pete McBride and NJ state trooper Robert Costanzo (Hamilton station) immediately jumped off their bicycles and began CPR on me. They also shocked me with the Defibrillator. I was dead for over a minute and 45 seconds, before they brought me back life.

I was taken to Lady of Lourdes hospital in Camden. The heart surgeon preformed open heart triple bypass surgery on May 11th. I'm still not out of the woods yet. When I fell from my bike, I apparently tore my rotator cuff. I just had surgery earlier this week to repair the damage.

The purpose of this email is I'm asking you if there is any way you could please honor these three HEROES by bringing them in on a upcoming Blue Friday for saving my life?

These men gave me the gift of life, and gave my two daughters their dad back. I will forever be indebted to them. They might not be blood brothers, but we're all brothers for life now. I got another chance at life because of them.

Watch the video above of Mike Gallagher, along with Officers Mike Gabinell, Pete McBride and NJ State Trooper Robert Costanzo, telling the story live on air.

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