Next Thursday, Dec. 12 there will be a hearing at the Statehouse annex on eliminating the religious exemption for childhood vaccinations.

Many people go along with the state-mandated vaccinations, but some parents, especially those who’ve had vaccinated injured children, are quite scared. Those of us who know of many children who have been vaccine-injured are also concerned that the one last option parents have will be taken away.

We have heard from many parents who have opted out of certain vaccines to protect the health and safety of their children. These children will be thrown out of public school if this bill passes. The state is full of plenty of parents of vaccine-injured children and there are plenty more throughout the country. There is even a special vaccine injury fund set up by the federal government to pay for the extraordinary medical bills that these families incur.

But nothing and no money can ever restore the full health of a child who has been injured by vaccines. The hearing on this bill will be Thursday, Dec. 12 at 2 p.m. in room four committee room four at the Statehouse annex. If you are concerned about this issue or know any parents who are, it’s probably a good idea to attend. But perhaps it may be in vain due to the fact that the legislature has reached out to the New Jersey chapter of American Academy of pediatrics the NJCAAP to testify.

These people no doubt, like the legislature, have an interest to maintain the status quo with the handful of pharmaceutical companies that still manage to survive in this state. Reach out to your legislator and let them know how you feel about this. The two sponsors of the bill or Joe Vitaly and Larreta Weinberg. It is Senate Bill S2173. New York State managed to get rid of their religious exemption back in June and usually what that state does New Jersey follows soon after. These are our children and these are our rights. Don’t let these charlatans take them away in secluded back rooms without letting your voice be heard.

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