You see it all over the media, in pharmacies, at supermarkets, even at airports, "get your flu shot here!" Some people aren't comfortable with the shot and, actually you won't see any reports in the media, some people have severe and dangerous reactions to the flu shot. Many health care professionals are aware of the dangers and refuse the shot. Some of them lose their jobs.

This happened to one New Jersey nurse back in 2014 and she sued to at least get her unemployment benefits and won.

I have a family member who is a nurse in excellent health who does not want to get the flu shot. Even though she has NO patient contact and doesn't even go into a medical facility, but an adjacent building once every two months, she's forced to get the shot or she'll be terminated.

Clearly the choice to vaccinate ourselves or our children is being eroded and may soon disappear altogether if current trends continue. Listen to what at least one doctor says about getting a flu shot.

A friend reacted so severely to a flu shot last year that it took him six months to learn to walk again. The doctors wouldn't confirm that it was the flu shot, but they couldn't deny it either. Very few doctors are willing to fight the tide and admit that some vaccines can cause serious reactions and deadly consequences in some patients.

Some people point to big pharma and their powerful lobbying efforts to coerce legislators to make laws mandating more and more required vaccines. Currently the New Jersey Legislature is fighting a huge battle in the state Senate to eliminate religious exemptions for parents reluctant to take a chance on all of the vaccines now required in this state. You can find lots of information online and make up your own mind. Or you can bury your head in the sand and pray, make that HOPE, for the best outcome.

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