Responding to "unprecedented poll worker shortages" for the upcoming general election, Gov. Phil Murphy has signed an executive order that increases pay for residents who work on and leading up to Election Day 2021.

The order also scraps the requirement that poll workers reside in the county where they serve.

“Our poll workers are an essential component of our elections in ensuring our voters are able to exercise their right to vote,” Murphy said. “Early voting coupled with an increase in pay for poll workers, is critical to maintain the accessibility, security, and safety of this upcoming election.”

An individual who works the full day on November 2 will receive a supplemental payment of $100, bringing the total to $300, the executive order says. A commensurate hourly raise will be given to individuals who work the in-person early voting period that lasts from Oct. 23 through Oct. 31. Before this move, the pay was $14.29 per hour.

To apply, answer a few questions about yourself and your availability on the New Jersey Division of Elections website (link above).

The executive order noted that, in the face of significant upticks in key COVID-19 metrics between June and September of this year, many would-be poll workers declined to take the job this time around due to health concerns.

"This hesitancy manifested itself through unprecedented poll worker shortages this election cycle, including during the primary election," the executive order says.

The executive order suspends the usual requirement that workers serve in the county where they reside.

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