As if we needed another reason to question the competence of the people running the show in Trenton. Fortunately, with most of what I need to stay current with my professional licensing, passport, drivers license and homeland security "global entry" I have been able to do it online. Even taking my own passport picture and sending it in, a few weeks later, new passport. Not that I'm flying anytime soon with the absurdity of needing a COVID test and/or a vaccination as a healthy, lowest risk person. That aside, I've been lucky that I have not needed the in person or "on the phone help" from N.J. government. Until this week.

The registration card from my truck was misplaced. So I went online thinking this should be a simple fix, fill out some info and then print a new one, right? Nope, this is New Jersey. Needed three pieces of information in order to access the form to apply for a duplicate card. License plate. Check. VIN. Check. Drivers License of Corp code for owner. What? The truck is leased so the website rejected my DL number. OK, Corporate Owner name. Check. Look up their number, nope, not possible. Not listed anywhere. OK, no problem, I'll just call.

After an hour, my wife Jodi suggested calling from her phone to see if I was stuck in a queue that wasn't going to be answered. Good idea, she called. The automated system explained they were too busy to field any additional calls and hung up on her. Soooo, no choice but to continue holding. Which I did for more than three and a half hours. Then, the call disconnected. Yup. They kept me on hold with crappy music for more than three hours and then hung up on me. Ridiculous.

The level of incompetence with the function of government has hit a new low. The governor and his cronies are consumed with an unnecessary vaccine schedule, in order to reopen of course, yet fail to address the very real crisis of so many thousands who need a responsible government.

For me, I'll just drive without the registration until I get a notice in the mail this summer to renew. Not so easy for those who rely on a CDL or a hazardous material license from the state. Not so simple for those residents waiting for a check from unemployment in order to pay their rent and put food on the table. How this governor still gets away with high approvals and a likely re-election in November is beyond comprehension. But it's one of the reasons that 70% of the moves are outta here.

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