If a vehicle has active parking sensors or backup cameras, it's currently not allowed to be used during a driver's license road test in New Jersey, unless those features are temporarily disabled.

Ulrich Baumgarten via Getty Images
Ulrich Baumgarten via Getty Images

That rule would change, however, with legislation that's advancing in Trenton.

Under the bill sponsored by Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald, a Democrat who represents portions of Camden and Burlington counties, driver's license applicants would be permitted to employ rearview cameras and parking sensors during their road exam.

"The government has to recognize an ever-changing, ever-evolving technological age, and we have to be able to adapt," Greenwald told New Jersey 101.5.

Greenwald's oldest daughter was recently blocked for a moment from taking her road test because she arrived in a vehicle equipped with a backup camera. She was able to continue after a piece of paper was placed over the camera lens.

A federal law from 2007 requires all newly-manufactured vehicles to be equipped with a backup camera by May 2018, according to a press release that discusses the measure.

"This is inevitable," Greenwald said. "The reality is, cars that don't have these types of devices will be the outliers."

James Peck, owner of A-1 Peck Driving School in Morris County, said if the technology is available, students should be able to use it on their road test, but then the state should also move to make the test more difficult overall.

"Right now, the test is so basic and so simple," Peck said. "The test is done, at most locations, in a parking lot-type environment. If we were to get people out on the road more, in real driving environments, it would make the test more real...and it would make it probably more difficult."

Peck insisted the test for automobile licenses has not changed during his 20-plus years of experience in the business.

The state's Motor Vehicle Commission said it would not comment on pending legislation.

The measure was advanced by an Assembly committee on Monday.

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