Here we are with COVID-19 cases exploding in New Jersey, our largest city of Newark implementing mandatory mask orders, our schools having outbreaks tear through staff and students and not at all where we hoped we would be by now.

The only silver lining might be that so far the new Omicron variant still seems to have more mild effects although deaths from that variant have begun as well. As of Tuesday morning, it was unfortunately still the more dangerous Delta variant that was dominant in New Jersey but not true for most of the country.

So Kylie Moore and I brought up the ‘what if’ topic of new restrictions. Gov. Murphy has said everything is now on the table. If restrictions happened how would people feel about it?

There was one woman who called in who was a conspiracy theorist who wanted to spout her theories on-air. We let her except she couldn’t seem to answer one simple question for the longest time. Here are parts of this call. I think seeing it in writing lays bare where we are as a nation.

Caller: “I think it’s a conspiracy against all of us. I think the government is purposely putting the virus out to keep us locked down forever.

Fauci should be in jail because he’s lied before Congress.”

Kylie: “To what end would the government be keeping us locked up? I mean this affected the economy.”

Caller: “They want to turn us into a communist country. They want communism and socialism. That’s why there’s so many jobs still empty because they’re still paying people unemployment.

It’s a disgrace to America. We need to open up our country.”

We try asking her what is still locked down in our state and she won’t answer. We try again.

Jeff: “What’s locked down in New Jersey right now?”

Caller: “How come we’re not giving our people Degeneron?” (She means Regeneron, and we ARE giving it.)

We try again.

Jeff: “What is locked down?”

Caller: “No, we shouldn’t be locked down anymore.”

One more try.

Jeff: “What is locked down?”

Caller: “Well…not right now.”

Later the caller wraps up with a vague warning.

Caller: “There’s something gonna happen to our country just what he did in Afghanistan.”

And then this fatalistic approach.

Caller: “I’m not afraid of the disease. When God wants you he’s coming for you.”

So if you believe the country is purposely “putting the virus out” then you believe our government purposely killed 808,000 of its own citizens.

If you believe the government wants communism and socialism you should know communism and socialism are two different things.

If you believe we’re still locked down you should know we’re not.

If you believe God takes you when He wants you and there’s nothing you can do about it then you might feel okay never wearing a seat belt, never seeing a cardiologist after a heart attack, never taking chemotherapy when you get cancer, etc...

With 808,000 dead Americans, it seems a quote from “The Punisher” makes more sense.

“God’s gonna sit this one out.”

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