A reason people like to ride motorcycles is the sense of freedom it gives you. Very ironic then that one New Jersey motorcycle rider lost all freedom when his head literally got stuck in a fence after an accident.

Police say it happened early Tuesday in Burlington City when a 32-year-old Georgia man wiped out and slammed into a fence at Wilbur Watts Intermediate School. They say nothing good happens after midnight. This was at 3 in the morning.

According to officials, it took a crew of emergency workers to free the biker. Authorities say he had some cuts but was alert and conscious at the scene.

Is this the weirdest stick story ever? Not even close. Check these out.

In 2013 in a small town in England a man found a traffic cone in the street and decided he’d entertain himself by wearing it on his head. It was wider than he thought and it slipped down over his shoulders and wedged him inside. He stumbled around unable to see and unable to get the cone off himself. The best part of this story is amused people watched him struggle for more than two hours before anyone bothered calling for help.

In Vallejo, California, in 2011 some allegedly grown men met up in a public park. There, at a playground, was one of those baby swings. You know the kind, they go all the way around the baby with leg holes cut out. So this one genius just knew how funny it would be for him, a grown man, to squeeze into a baby swing.

With the help of liquid detergent, he managed to wedge himself in there to the point the swing looked like men’s European underwear. He couldn’t get back out. Did his friends help him? No, of course not. They left him there all night for nine straight hours. He was heard by a groundskeeper screaming for help the following morning.

In 2016 a Norwegian guy got stuck in a toilet. Like, his entire body.

Apparently some public toilets there are designed with the tank somehow beneath the seat. And the tanks are large enough to fit inside. And they’re not connected to a sewer system but rather must be emptied out every now and then. So I guess we’re just talking a portajohn? But designed in a way it’s possible to get stuck.

So this guy’s friend dropped a cell phone into one of these public toilets and being a pal he went in after it. He lowered himself into this thing and found himself soon trapped inside the human waste-filled tank and couldn’t get out. As he waited and waited for help to arrive, he vomited. Then, to his horror, he realized he wasn’t alone. There were unknown animals in the tank with him and one of them bit him. “It was damn disgusting,” said Cato Bernsten Larsen. “The worst I’ve experienced.”

For more crazy stuck stories check them out here on mentalfloss.com.

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