You've heard the old theory about a hot dog tasting better at the ballpark? Some New Jersey minor league baseball stadiums have also been following the healthier eating trend to offer good-tasting snacks that are good for you.


What's happening at the ol' ball game is that the healthy eating trend has found the concession kitchen, and it is here to stay.

Mike McDermott is the Centerplate Concession Manager at TD Bank Ballpark in Bridgewater.

"We have chicken wraps, turkey wraps. We also have Caesar salads, garden salads and then we also this year have added a healthy smoothie drink."

Other New Jersey ballparks agree the hot dogs, beer and french fries aren't going away anytime soon. But their healthy alternatives address a growing desire by some fans to enjoy a different ball game food experience.

They have to balance their offerings carefully because there's a limited amount of preparation space available at the ballpark. The kitchen has to produce items that appeal to the crowd.

McDermott says they put some of their healthier items on carts and push them around the game to better expose fans to the alternative choices.


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