Nick Clemons, the son of legendary E-Street Band member and Rock and Roll hall of Famer Clarence Clemons, joined me in studio this morning to talk music and perform some new songs off his new album.

Nick who raises money for kids and adults that have addiction problems, says that what drives and motivates him is the work ethic that he learned from his dad. "My father gave a lot of love, blood, sweat and tears. The fans, they appreciate it. It's something that I inspire to in my daily work. He gave me a great work ethic. I think that's what what spurs me."

Nick was gracious enough to perform in studio for the audience and the morning crew. You can see those performances in the videos below.

Nick Clemons performed a brand new track off of his new album live in studio " We All Bleed the Same."

Nick Clemons performs another song off of his new album "If the Sun Comes Up Tomorrow."