If you're a die-hard baseball fan, missing this season must be driving you nuts. No Yankees, which so much is predicted for and the same goes for the Phillies and new manager ex Yankee Joe Girardi. What better time to "Phil" the void than with the just-released, Out Of The Park Baseball 21.

This immersive MLB baseball simulation game lets you build your own baseball team from the ground up. You don’t have to be good at video games, you just have to love baseball. The video game's developer Richard Grisham, from Columbus, New Jersey, came on my show to talk about it.

"This is a PC baseball strategy game right, so you step into the shoes of a general manager," Grisham said. "And you take over an entire Major League Baseball franchise and it's not just the big league club, it's also the minor leagues, from AAA all the way down too rookie league and everything in between."

OOTP 21 lets you build your team your way. Go heavy with free agents? Go young? Go with international players? No matter what you do, Out of the Park Baseball 21 is user friendly and doesn’t skimp on the depth of the experience, or its authenticity. You'll handle scouting, drafting, minor leagues, even building your own ballpark.

Everything that's part of running a baseball franchise, you do," Grisham said. "You do your drafts and your free agency and your trades. You have your financials, you have your scouting, you have your, basically if there's anything that a general manager in baseball does, you do it in Out of the Park Baseball 21."

In fact you can even add players to your team from different eras. If you want Mickey Mantle batting cleanup you can have him.

"We have the entire history of baseball in the game; every team, every player, every season (major leagues and minor leagues) from the late 1800's through today. So if you want to go rewrite history, you can do that. And, if you want to change things up right, if you wanna say 'you know what I don't want a DH,' you can go back in time and get rid of the DH. Or you can put the DH in both leagues...you can customize anything you want in your baseball universe."

Out of the Park Baseball 21 is updated with all the new rules in fact the only thing missing are the cheating garbage cans.

"We do not have the trash can banging mechanic in there right now. Might be on the road map but it's not there right now," Grisham said jokingly.

Out of the Park Baseball is so on point that they've predicted the outcome of the World Series.

"Every single year we do our official predictions on the MLB Network and last year we got it right, we called the Washington Nationals to beat the Houston Astros we picked that BEFORE the season started."

So who's going to win this year?

"Our game really likes the Dodgers this year, I can tell you that. REALLY likes the Dodgers."

Remember you read it here first!

To order Out of The Park Baseball 21 click here.

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