I was right, last Spring.  I told you that a "Used Car Lot" of some sort was coming to this location.

Quoting from THEN:

"Lets say that you're on your way to a very important business meeting. You're on heavily traveled Route 206, passing through Hillsborough Township (Somerset County) and your car suddenly explodes (a figure of speech), like on the "Simpsons." What do you do?"

THEN. (Craig Allen photo)

"Soon, you'll be able to plunk down a few dollars for a used car, and continue on your way! For years, a (falling down) vacant house has sat on the corner of this busy highway, and the entrance to a residential neighborhood.  Suddenly, the house is gone, and the pavers are busy."

Back to NOW:

My "spies" were right. Good "insider" info! As the builders and landscapers put the finishing touches on the property, the temporary sign has gone up.

This is the "future location" of a car "finder."

I'm sure that the people who "find" themselves living in the neighborhood behind this new business are...thrilled.