Two years ago I posted a story of The Oreo cookie's 100th birthday.  It was about the "birthday cake flavored Oreo."  Two new varieties are on the way.

Getty Images/ Scott Olson
Getty Images/ Scott Olson

That limited time only birthday cake flavored Oreo didn't seem to gain much traction.

On February 3rd two new limited edition flavors will be introduced.

Drum roll please...

The two new additions are the Cookie Dough Oreo and Marshmallow Crispy Oreo.

As for me, with all the variations and past limited editions, nothing comes close to the original.

The Cookie Dough edition has a chocolate wafer with with tiny chocolate chips embedded in chocolate cream.

The second new Oreo to hit store shelves is the Marshmallow Crispy Oreo.  This one has vanilla wafers with something resembling crispy rice in a vanilla cream filling.

I have one question.  Why are they rolling out these products on February 3rd, the day after the Super Bowl?

I'm sure the Oreo people know what they're doing.  Don't you think they'd sell a bunch more if we could snack on them after the dip and ribs while watching the Super Bowl?

That's OK, my New Year's diet resolution is already out the window.