God knows New Jersey has enough laws and there should be a dozen repealed every day. But in times of emergency new laws pertaining to critical safety concerns need to be put in place. That's apparently where we are now. One of the bills added at the end of the day Monday would make it illegal to return food items during and for 30 days following a state of emergency. You can read the details of the bill here.

So if any of you hoarders had any thoughts of saving your receipts and returning the stuff you shoved in your cart, "fuggettaboutit." That's what the NJ Legislature says. I have been going to the grocery store just about every day for the last 20 years to make meals for my family. The schedules were always changing and planning wasn't always easy. I can only remember ONCE that I had to return some chicken that somehow went bad even though the freshness date (which I always check!) had not passed.

Maybe it's from growing up hunting and fishing that I got the notion in my head, that you get what you got and that's that. Talk to anyone who works at the courtesy desk at your local supermarket. Some people make a hobby out of returning food. It's wasteful and often times dishonest. I never thought I'd say this about a law in New Jersey, but if they make this one permanent, it wouldn't bother me none at all.

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