If you have a small business in New Jersey, you know how tough a year this has been. It's a difficult business environment to begin with: high taxes and fees, onerous regulations, an army of state regulators looking to fine you at every turn.

If you don't own a small business in this state, talk to someone who does. It will break your heart and maybe make you realize how the restrictions by dictator/governor Murphy have brought many of them to their knees.

Especially hard hit are restaurants and anything associated with hospitality or entertainment. Now, if you have a guaranteed income from something like being in media or a public-sector job, this may all seem a little sad but it doesn't really hit home.

Nearly a third of small businesses in New Jersey have closed this year. That's not just the dreams, blood, sweat and tears of the owners of these businesses who've poured their life into these enterprises. The people who work for these businesses and their families are on the brink as well.

The approach of many governors around the country was to prohibit or severely limit the ability of these businesses to operate is so much more detrimental than the novel coronavirus that they're trying to save us from.

This is not to mention the health screenings, routine vaccinations, clinical depression and isolation damage that this Communist Chinese-style approach to this situation is doing.

Health officials have issued dire warnings about the virus in the spring and now again for early next year. Many of us are more worried about the unintended consequences of government over-reach will do.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis' own.

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