• Widget (noun) -  A small gadget or mechanical device, especially one whose name is unknown.

Consider this a tale of two widgets. On the left is a fine widget. It does what you need a widget to do. It costs $10.

On the right is another widget, similar size, similar performance, similar everything. Except the widget on the right was proudly made here in New Jersey. It costs $12.20.

Are you paying more? Yes, according to a study by HostingAdvice.

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The study found New Jerseyans were willing to pay on average 22% more if the product had a “Made in Jersey” label. Is it like this everywhere? Does every state have this much home pride?

Not even close. New York is only willing to shell out 8% more. In fact New York was the state willing to pay the least more for a product made there. The state where they’d pay the most? Hawaii. 35% more.

Pennsylvania had slightly more pride than we do though. They would pay 24% more. Delaware? Better than New York, but only 16% more.


Which products are people most willing to pay more for if it’s made in their state?

  1. Health and beauty products
  2. Clothing and apparel
  3. Cars and car parts
  4. Electronics
  5. Home appliances
  6. Furniture and home decor
  7. Food and beverages (e.g., specialty foods, craft beer)
  8. Sporting goods and outdoor equipment
  9. Children’s products (e.g., toys, clothing)
  10. Jewelry and accessories
  11. Construction materials (e.g., flooring, tools)

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