Just moments after Townsquare Media's New Jersey U.S. Senate debate began last night, incumbent Senator Bob Menendez and his challenger, State Senator Joe Kyrillos began bickering.

State Senator Joe Kyrillos
State Senator Joe Kyrillos (Dino Flammia, Townsquare Media)

They argued about almost every topic that was raised, including the minimum wage, women's health, Obamacare and creating jobs.

Senator Menendez said the best way to increase employment opportunities is to expand education choices, and steer federal funds to help small businesses, and he said he was proud of the "52 million dollars that I brought for 133 small biotech companies in New Jersey that are growing jobs...and tax credits jump-started 750 solar projects in Jersey that created thousands of jobs."

When State Senator Kyrillos was asked about his job creation ideas, he said, "This is about confidence and certainty for people that create the jobs - we should lower tax rates...I want to motivate the private sector, by creating a sense of certainty and confidence in America."

Several times during the debate, both candidates tried to talk each other down, as they blamed one another for skyrocketing state and federal debt and high unemployment.

The mood seemed to soften at the end of the debate, when News Director Eric Scott, who moderated the showdown, quizzed the candidates on obscure facts about the Garden State, and asked each one of them where they liked to vacation, and what books they were reading.


Courtesy Fios1 New Jersey

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