We've been asked to maintain social distance in New Jersey and so far we're doing a stellar job. Tuesday a company called Unicast which is using GPS data pulled from your smartphone to determine how well we're adhering to the social distancing guidelines and assign a letter score, gave New Jersey an "A."

The grades are determined by comparing current GPS location data to a typical day of the week, and are pulled from the many apps on one's device that use location data.

According to the Washington Post, "A" grades are assigned to locations that show at least a 40 percent decrease in average distance traveled.

While New Jersey got an "A," Unicast gave the whole country a "B," with "F" grades going to Wyoming and a "D" to Montana.

While the Washington Post reports Unicast continues to look into ways to improve it's analysis, the Daily Mail says, "The US government is talking to tech giants like Facebook and Google to see if users' location data could help track and slow the spread of COVID-19."

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