If these blasts of winter we are having over the next week make you long for warmer days and outdoor activities I have one for you. How would you and your friends like to catch a killer and save a town? But you’ll have to wait a few months.

On Saturday, July 10, New Brunswick will be taken over by groups of detectives trying to solve the notorious case of a Jack The Ripper copycat. A killer will be on the loose and your job is to hunt down witnesses, gather clues and outsmart the New Brunswick Ripper.

It’s all part of CluedUpp games and it sounds like a blast. Form a team up to six people for one price of $51 and you have yourself an all day adventure.

If you like true crime podcasts, murder mystery dinner theater, etc., this is for you. Best of all, since no one knows where we will be with the pandemic by then this shouldn’t get canceled. It’s set up so that the only people you’ll have to come within 6 feet of are your own teammates.

It’s a geocaching game using the CluedUpp app and even the witnesses you’ll hunt down are virtual.

You can even get the kids involved and even your dog, and they’re free.

Nice thing is they’ll have prizes not just for the team that cracks the case the fastest but also best dressed (you’re encouraged but not required to ham it up with some Sherlock Holmes garb), best team name, best team photo, best detective under 16 and best K-9 detective.

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