New Jersey is not a gun friendly state. The laws are so strict here that it's almost not worth the effort to even try and get one. The application process to buy a gun usually takes longer than the 30 days that it's required by law and taking it out of your house is fraught with peril. Yet in light of the chaos around the country, people in this state feel their only recourse to keep themselves and their family safe in their own home is to buy a gun or two or three. Forget about getting a 'carry permit.' They are almost never given, even when a critical need is demonstrated. Many people in this state feel like sitting ducks against violent criminals. They have guns. Criminals who would use a gun don't bother applying or registering, they just buy them on the black market.

Gun permit applications are up over 250% since the beginning of the year. Most of that since late March when people started panic buying at the supermarkets and people felt vulnerable. Add to that the absolute chaos in some major cities around the country and the move to dismantle or defund police departments. Not much of that talk is happening here, but these times have been so unpredictable and innocent people have been left to fend for themselves in so many cases, the panic is inevitably spreading. Know all of the ridiculous laws about guns and defending yourself with a firearm, even in your own home, before you try to go out and get one.

People that would never have considered owning a gun and would never think they would need to are applying for permits to purchase a gun. It's an unthinkable situation just a few months ago, but here we are. Power hunger but weak politicians whose idea is to disarm innocent citizens whenever a well publicized shooting makes the news, are the reason we are in this situation. This is what happens when you video and second guess every move the police make and people you vote for don't stand up for what's right. Don't look for any improvement in that situation anytime soon. That's one reason why many people are voting with their feet and fleeing this state. It's become a situation where if you can't get out, get a gun.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis' own.

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