Carpetbagger, guilty white progressive, filthy-rich limousine liberal, Massachusetts native, Goldman Sachs alumnus and current Gov. Phil Murphy, gave one of his monotonously nauseating COVID-19 briefings again on Monday. It featured the usual fake empathy and drivel about "following the science and data" mixed in with some of his usual sidekicks in this slow motion, choking the life out of New Jersey residents and their rights.

He told us about pragmatically looking at expanding indoor dining to perhaps 50% capacity, knowing that colder weather is coming and many of the restaurants he's single-handedly devastated may not survive or ever come back. He likes to say, "we're not there yet." I'd like to know where "there" is. Is "there" total destruction of the economy and irreversible dependence on government?

The latest polls seem to indicate the public is behind taking measures to keep us safe until the virus goes away. I guess they polled people with guaranteed incomes or people who don't understand our system of government or the Constitution. But as long as he seems even keeled and focused on safety in his addresses to an utterly panicked public, his numbers will hold up.

It's just the opposite of President Donald Trump. His style makes people uneasy, nervous or even outraged, so the message gets lost. Murphy's message is much more ominous and dangerous. "I alone have control of your future and the livelihood of millions and I'll only let you live free when I say so." But he says it nicely, so YOU BELIEVE IN HIM! "We're not there yet" - but when we get "there" it might be too late!

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis' own.

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