Really. Gov. Phil Murphy is doing it this week: Releasing a couple thousand convicted criminals early from their sentences. He's doing it based on the ongoing "health crisis" of coronavirus.

What's worse, is he's valuing the supposed "safety" of these criminals over you and your family. First, by establishing "COVID credits" to override sentences handed down by a judge after the perps were convicted. Second, by allowing for COVID-positive inmates to be released with no guarantee of quarantine.

Now, I believe that it's essentially irrelevant if they test positive as the tests are totally inaccurate and most people won't even know if they have coronavirus let alone get sick or spread it. But that is besides the point.

The point is that you as a free, non-criminal citizen, have to follow all of the executive order rules, but convicted criminals can walk? Thanks to one courageous state senator, at least we know about the dangerous actions taken by this irresponsible governor. Sen. Mike Testa called out Murphy on my New Jersey 101.5 morning show Wednesday.

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