The same day New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said business owners in his state would be able to deny entry to people not wearing masks or face coverings, Gov. Phil Murphy said he expects to require masks be worn in New Jersey's nonessential businesses when they open up.

They're currently required inside essential businesses, and he expects to order the same as more nonessential businesses, like retail and restaurants reopen, he said.

New Jersey on Thursday reported nearly 158,00 positive cases, up more than 1,200 from the day before. There were 66 deaths overnight, putting the total at 11,401, Murphy said during a news conference.

The number of people being hospitalized in the state ticked up slightly for the second straight day.

On Thursday, there were 2,797 hospitalized people with COVID-19, up from 2,761 on Wednesday, which was up from 2,723 the previous day. Murphy said he and health official expected a slight uptick given the lag in reporting from the Memorial Day weekend, but said the uptick was still troubling.

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